Destination Gypsy Interview & Hollywood Bad Boy Vol.1 In Stores August 15 2016


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Hollywood Bad Boy has the  new and improved sound from the Purple Rock Founder Destination Gypsy, and gone is the midi. So what is it now I asked DG and he replied:

“More of what truly represents Destination Gypsy music”;  “Chain saw sounding guitar riffs, harmonizing licks that are at times reminiscent of bagpipe sounding guitars, a dirty, dirty bass and drums that kick you in the headroom. The lead guitars have  DG signature solos through out.

Dee Dee : Yes and your vocals stand out like the rock voice no one else has.”

DG: “Thanks ….originally the release was scheduled for seventeen tracks but it is what it is. I handled all aspects of Hollywood Bad Boy, so when you hear bass guitar… you hear me play. When you hear a solo… again, you hear me playing the solo and everything else; I even produced and mixed all sound recordings.

Dee Dee: Sounds like a lot of hard work

DG: Oh yea it took like two years to complete this release.

Dee Dee: Well hope you play live too soon  in this

DG: I surely hope so as well….too many wasted musicians in this city, positive clean minds is needed to do it right at least while rehearsing and performing.

DG: Oh and one last thing, this release is dedicated to my sister who has been missing for 10 years.

Dee Dee: Keep on pushing

Songs from the life of Destination Gypsy  Vol 1 and Vol 2 may have extra or bonus tracks Interview from July 2 2016

Released 8/15/2016 on Clear Blue Sun Records     In Stores now Click on the pic to hear &  get at Itunes & Amazon on New music today

-Dee Dee Williams

Destination Gypsy® Released Bad Boy (explicit demo version) in the US

Destination Gypsy the founder of purple rock genre has finally released a new  single. “The sound is much better than before” said DG and  it’s been five years since the last release!  This is the Explicit version : Get yours today!    Also on Amazon:  On   Clear Blue Sun Records Vinyl, CD, and Digital Download All Rights Reserved.

A Radio version of Bad Boy is in the works  for the World Outside the United States. Release date to be announced.

-Dee Dee Williams PR